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Consistent genetics.
Genetic Purity and Hybrid Vigor.

Irish Black Efficiencies

Superior offspring performance resulting in heavy weaning weights and good feed conversion in the feedlot.

Irish blacks often convert less than five pounds per pound of gain in the feedlot

Foundation bulls from a purebred breeding program.

Our program is developed from almost 50 years of closed herd line breeding, creating a very small, consistent gene pool that delivers predictable progeny every time.

Our bulls are developed properly and slowly, so that they will last for years to come.

Environmental Flexibility

Today, breeders of Irish Blacks and Irish Reds can be found in every production environment in the United States. The breed is resistant to high-altitude sickness, and won’t succumb to “brisket” disease when turned out on high-altitude range land.

“I like the breed because the uniformity at weaning and sale time is outstanding. They grow in the feedlot very well without being pushed hard. The replacement heifers out of these bulls look amazing and most of them bred in the first cycle.”

Jamie E. – South Dakota