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Our ranch is nestled in the rugged badlands of eastern Montana. Here at the Nielsen ranch, we strive to produce Irish Black and Red Cattle that possess top performance traits that are demanded by our location and fluctuating temperatures. Genetic Purity and Hybrid Vigor: Our herds have been established on genetic purity, tracing back to four decades of closed herd line-breeding; creating a very small gene pool. Our herd consists of both purebred Irish Blacks, as well as commercial black cattle. The commercial cows are crossed with the purebred Irish Black bulls, which results in a crossbred calf with a hybrid vigor. The genetic concentration of the bulls has tightened up the consistency and uniformity in our calves. Our bulls are foundation bulls from a pure-bred program that delivers predictable offspring. Irish Black Efficiencies and Longevity: By utilizing Irish Black genetics, it has allowed our commercial cattle operation to successfully battle the ever-rising production costs by improving fertility performance, increasing pregnancy rates, and lowering feed bills. Irish blacks often convert less than five pounds per pound of gain in the feedlot. Cows often wean a calf at 60% of her weight. We raise moderate framed cows. Larger framed cows require higher maintenance and input, and in our environment that just isn’t efficient. This is where low-maintenance, efficient cattle come in to play. We don’t pamper our cattle, they are hardy and built and bred to work for us. Irish Blacks are also known for their longevity. Cows and bulls have staying power; 14-15 year old cows are not uncommon for this breed. We truly love what we do, and are blessed to be able to call eastern Montana our home!
Please visit our 2019 Irish Black Bulls tab for a complete listing of bulls we have for sale or for further information on Irish Black and Red cattle.
Will & Jennifer Nielsen: 406-486-5434 or 406-853-6183
Will and Jennifer Email:
Wade & Lorelei Nielsen: 406-377-5847 or 406-989-1034
Wade and Lorelei Email:


Nestled within the rolling and rugged prairie of Eastern Montana is the Nielsen Ranch.  Located about 20 miles south of Glendive, MT, the sprawling landscapes of the ranch boast a variety of terrains.  From rolling grassy hills, to rugged, rough badlands, our cattle are accustomed to navigating them all.  With four generations of farming and ranching in Eastern MT under our belts, the Nielsen family values and takes pride in the operation we run and the cattle we raise.  Our cattle are environmentally adaptable to both hot and cold climates, as well as high elevations and rugged terrain.  Their moderate, deep frames help them to navigate our pastures with ease.

The feedlot part of our operation is located in the Yellowstone River Valley, just six miles East of Fallon, MT.  We raise alfalfa and corn in the summer to background our calves and develop the bulls through the fall and winter months.

Nielsen Ranch

Nielsen Ranch

Yellowstone River ValleyYellowstone River Valley near Fallon, MT

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