Family is what keeps this place going…

With four generations in farming and ranching in eastern Montana, the Nielsen ranch is a family operation, and family is what keeps this place going. Terry and Eileen Nielsen are the grandparents; they have had the job of spoiling the grandkids and being the “professors” of the ranch. The brothers, Wade and Will, and their families are in charge of the purebred and commercial herd.  The two sisters (Christa who has a graphic design company and Sharla who is the local county agent) stay involved also.


Left to Right: Jennifer & Will Nielsen (Hailey & Landon); Sharla & Bob Sackman (Hayden & Matty); Terry & Eileen; Morris & Christa VanDyke (Morganne & Chay); Wade & Lorelei Nielsen (Devyn, Reegan & Kolter) PHOTO CREDIT: ANDREA RIEGER PHOTOGRAPHY

We are so blessed to have this family picture taken by Andrea Rieger Photography. Just two days after this picture was taken, Terry passed away of a heart attack on October 10, 2017. Terry was a life-long learner and a progressive producer, never afraid to try something new. To Terry, family always came first. No matter how busy he was, he always made time for his children and their families.

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