FOR SALE: Irish Blacks and Reds

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 2017 Irish Black sale bulls coming soon – Thank you to our 2016 customers.


Our Irish Black bulls have four decades of closed book line-breeding behind them creating a very small gene pool. All Irish Black registered animals have been DNA tested to guarantee parentage, this ensures that the breed remains 100% pure.


Half-blood Irish Black-Angus Replacement HeifersHalf-blood Irish Black-Angus top quality replacement heifers for sale
Angus cows go back to long time AI program with main influence of Image Maker and Prime Time crossed with Irish Black bulls.  Raised in the badlands of eastern Montana.


We breed all our cattle with Irish Black bulls.
Our Irish Black sale bulls are raised to the age of two years old. We currently have been keeping the half-blood Irish Black-Angus heifer calves and breeding them. We use and believe in low-stress handling methods with our cattle.  Whether it is fence line weaning or using easy wean nose guards–to better handling facilities–to not having a hot shot that works on the place–we strive to keep stress levels down with the cattle.  In the end, this has paid big dividends in the weaning pen.  What we want is cattle with a good disposition that produce.

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